On The Road: Dan Hart and Steve Krcek in Europe

While the majority of our weather reports are produced at WWT Headquarters in Houston, TX, we also have meteorologists based in the UK. We understand the importance of having local representatives in your region for maintaining client relationships as well as providing direct client consultation. WWT Sales Manager, Steve Krcek, enjoys traveling around the world to meet with new and existing clients:

“Every customer has a different expectation and requirement. The same can be said for the region.”

Weather across the pond was active this week, with rounds of heavy precipitation and strong thunderstorms as a vigorous upper level low parked over western Europe. Fortunately, Dan and Steve dodged the heavy rain traveling from Rotterdam to Aberdeen to Paris. Despite overcast skies and some soggy afternoons, client visits remained optimistic while discussing market trends, upcoming projects and our latest products and services.

Steve Krcek (left) and Dan Hart (right) enjoying the sunshine in Rotterdam.

Krcek highlights the conversations on the trip, specifically detailing the difference between model-driven and meteorologist-produced forecasts: “It was interesting to explain our forecast methodology clearly to the end users.  A large majority of the people we spoke with understand weather forecasting as a model output, not a science that uses models as a guidance tool. So, discussing the science behind the models was quite interesting and engaging for most.”

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