Hurricane Preparedness: Offshore Operations

Tropical cyclones have significant impacts on marine operations worldwide. Prior to experiencing tropical cyclone threats, offshore facilities must secure equipment, shut-in wells, and evacuate personnel. Operations can remain shut down for extended periods in the event that an offshore platform or rig is damaged or destroyed. Damaged pipelines along the seafloor are a common cause of interruptions to oil and gas supply.

To prevent structural damage and spills, control costs, and ensure the safety of personnel, accurate weather forecasts and advanced notification of tropical hazards are paramount. Even a weak tropical cyclone can produce hazardous weather conditions and put coastal and offshore operators at risk. Be sure to determine your exposure to the risks associated with tropical cyclones before the start of this Atlantic hurricane season.

Wilkens Weather provides a suite of online and mobile tracking tools to warn our customers of these risks. To be confident that you’re prepared this hurricane season, trust in the tropical expertise and tools provided by WWT:

  • 7-day tropical weather outlook – Significant upgrade coming June 2017!
  • Site-specific weather forecasts out 7+ days.
  • Tropical advisory service for significant disturbances and classified systems.
  • Site-specific, Tropical Threat Assessments with T-time calculations, including projected and direct path storm impact analysis
  • Enhanced hurricane tracking through RealView and Wilkens Weather iOS mobile app
  • Threat Profile analysis tool within iOS mobile app
  • Wilkens Weather Live video broadcast
  • Regularly scheduled conference calls with experienced WWT meteorologists.
  • Severe alerts for forecast changes and impending hazardous conditions.
  • 24/7 support and personal consultation (713-430-7100)  
  • Post-storm analyses for process improvements for future storms (

WWT_RealViewWhether you are concerned about a tropical wave off the coast of West Africa or a major hurricane entering the Gulf of Mexico, WWT meteorologists are always available to provide you with expert advice. Our popular interactive GIS tracking system, accessible through our website, allows you to determine the regions of critical wind speeds and the distance from the eye of the storm to your assets. These images allow you to quickly and easily determine if and when the location of the storm requires you to implement the next step in your contingency plan.

Additional hurricane tracking tools are available on our iOS mobile app. Senior Program Manager Ryan Fulton explains the functionality and effectiveness of these tools, “Our Threat Profile analysis tool provides an interactive, user-friendly assessment of storm distance, time and intensity with respect to a site-specific location. This improves emergency response by providing advanced warning and awareness to those within the potential impact zone. And through their mobile app, users get this information when and where they need it, whether in the office or on the road.”

In conjunction with NOAA’s Hurricane Preparedness Week, Wilkens Weather is working to help you prepare your offshore operations for potential tropical cyclones. As your company finalizes its hurricane contingency plans for the upcoming season, WWT is happy to include an in-person visit for our subscribers, where we will discuss the forecast outlook for the 2017 season, a review of your email, website, and mobile tools, and answer any questions. Email to set up a meeting today.