WWT at OTC 2017

Wilkens Weather adapts to the future of offshore energy

WWT Technology / WWL

For 36 years, Wilkens Weather Technologies has exhibited at the annual Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), showcasing its products and services with professionals of the global oil and gas industry. Although oil prices have rallied in recent weeks, the demand for more cost-effective solutions continues. WWT is mindful of the challenges the industry is facing and continues to revamp its marine and tropical forecasting products to stay ahead of client demands.

At this event, WWT meteorologists align with other energy professionals to explore growth opportunities, strengthen partnerships, and foster new business relationships. WWT program manager, Ryan Fulton, shares his insight on this valuable networking experience:

Q: WWT has exhibited at OTC since 1981. Why is this significant?

Our long historical participation provides us with an ideal position on the main aisle, allowing our customers to locate us easily while attending the conference.

Q: What do you enjoy most about exhibiting at OTC?  

We greet hundreds of our current and prospective customers, introducing them to our latest product developments and providing tutorials on existing forecasting tools and services. This direct customer outreach supplies us with the market intelligence to deliver the best forecast solutions to our customers.

Q: How does WWT continue to grow & evolve from attending OTC?

Networking and engaging with current and prospective customers better prepares us for the future of offshore operations. We collect valuable insight into the changing needs of our clients in order to better develop and tailor our forecasting tools.

In addition, a specific benefit of the show each year is the opportunity to get our latest Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook into the hands of our clientele. We value the time we have to meet with offshore clients face-to-face.

About Wilkens Weather Technologies

Wilkens Weather Technologies (WWT), a Rockwell Collins company, is a trusted leader in global, site-specific marine weather forecasting. For more than 40 years, WWT has provided accurate, timely and useful weather forecast information for energy and offshore operating companies.  By applying state-of-the-art technology and highly trained meteorologists, WWT advises clients of the elements, whether it is a tropical storm, an approaching squall line, high seas or turbulent winds.