On The Road: Aaron Studwell at AGU

This week, our Manager of Weather Operations, Aaron Studwell, is attending the 49th Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in San Francisco, CA.  While the core purpose of this trip is associated with Ph.D. work in Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Houston, Aaron is also attending sessions ranging from the initiation of lightning in developing thunderstorms to the seasonal forecasting of winter storms across the North Atlantic Ocean to the analytic theory of wind-driven seas.

Presently, Studwell’s Ph.D. research is on long-term upper-level wind measurements and trends on Saturn using data from the Cassini mission.  He is the second author on a paper that was presented at the AGU conference, Spatiotemporal Variability of Saturn’s Zonal Winds from Cassini Multi-Instrument Observations.  The abstract is available here.