Wilkens Weather On-site in the Sea of Okhotsk

Wilkens Weather Technologies Meteorologist Offshore Sakhalin For over 30 years, Wilkens Weather meteorologists have been on-site and onboard during platform/deck installations and mobilizations in many regions globally. WWT has significant experience forecasting in the Sakhalin Island area, dating back to 1999. Strong relationships in the region led to the mobilization of WWT Meteorologist Eric Brozefsky to the Sea of Okhotsk in 2012 to provide more centralized decision-making and decision support to time and budget-sensitive projects. We reached out to Eric to learn more about his offshore experience:

“During the summer of 2012, WWT meteorologists provided on-site meteorological support for a GBS (Gravity Based Structure) installation, LMU installations, and subsea work in preparation for a topside installation in 2014.

The phases that I participated in were the LMU installations and the initial subsea work. During this time, I provided forecasts every six hours aboard a crane ship to help with planning as weather can have a significant impact on operations.  Parameters that I focused on were weather conditions, winds, seas, and temperature.

During the winter, the project location gets iced in so it is imperative to get the most work done as possible during the summer months.  However, weather conditions can deteriorate even during the summer months in the Sea of Okhotsk.  Low pressure systems can increase wind and seas conditions, briefly halting work.  Dense, thick fog can restrict visibilities. Typhoons can also occasionally move into the Sea of Okhotsk, but are usually extratropical in nature.

Due to the remote location, crew transports and supply vessels took two to three days to sail between Japan and the project site.  Despite the weather conditions and challenging logistics, the project goal for that summer was successfully accomplished.” – WWT Meteorologist Eric Brozefsky

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