Wilkens Weather tracks 8 storms in the West Pacific this August

WWT West Pacific Tropical Summary

The West Pacific Ocean was quite active last week, with 2-3 concurrent storms. This recent tropical activity, while not unprecedented, has been above average.  Over the past several weeks, an upward Madden-Julian Oscillation phase extending across the West Pacific coupled with the existing monsoon trough.  This pattern has yielded eight named storms since August 3, the most recent being Typhoon Lionrock. 

Contrary to the poor and erratic model performances that have surrounded Invest 99L (now Tropical Depression Nine) in the Atlantic basin, long range models and ensemble guidance handled the recent weather pattern and tropical development in the West Pacific quite well. This, combined with the experience of our staff, allowed us to provide accurate tropical outlooks to our clients well in advance.

About Wilkens Weather Tropical Weather Guidance

Wilkens Weather provides a variety of tropical products to monitor potential development, forecast tracks, and anticipated intensities of tropical systems in this region. Tropical service options include tropical cyclone formation alerts (TCFAs) and tropical cyclone bulletins. Once tropical cyclone bulletins commence, clients are provided a wealth of resources to review the storm data and potential impacts on their site-specific locations.

WWT Interactive Tropical Map

The interactive tropical tools on our website and mobile app provide clients with the flexibility to focus on the needs of their operation.WWT Mobile App Tropical Tools

Site-specific storm bulletins with alert areas are also available and may be customized to the needs of a current project or operation. Need tropical cyclone information?