WWT: The Trusted Source for YOUR Weather

Since 1977, Wilkens Weather Technologies has been a trusted leader for weather forecast solutions tailored to the global oil and gas industry. Our team of degreed meteorologists, many with over 20 years of forecasting experience, recognize the strengths and weaknesses of forecast models in different regions and seasons on a global perspective. The extensive experience of our staff ensures a confident understanding of regional weather patterns, along with local wind and wave effects, to produce timely and accurate forecasts for our valued customers.

It’s the experience, passion and diligence from our staff that allows us to provide a level of service that cannot be replicated by an auto-generated weather forecast. Marshall Wickman, Meteorological Specialist, speaks of WWT’s success over the years,

“We pay attention to detail in all we do for our customers and we make each client feel very important to us, because they are. Each client request is handled in a timely manner and is frequently taken care of immediately with an effort to do things just as the client requested. We tailor the services to fit the client’s needs.”

Marine Meteorologist Rachel Wrenn also shares her thoughts about the Wilkens team, “The enthusiasm that our forecast, sales and management teams bring to work is contagious. It’s uplifting when the tropics are heating up and weather is becoming more active in regions where we serve a large number of clients. We can become very busy in a blink of an eye…but that’s the nature of our jobs. We genuinely care about the products we produce and want to ensure the safety of our customers.”

Our staff is committed to building strong, lasting relationships through our hands-on approach and ability to meet the unique and increasing demands of our clients. Whether you are relocating a rig, planning your dredging project, or monitoring the tropics, Wilkens Weather has the global expertise and resources to assist you.

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