Wilkens Weather introduces Ocean Current Guidance Forecast service

WWT Ocean Current Guidance Forecasts

Houston, USA (June 14, 2016) – Offshore oil, gas and marine companies that experience project-related disruptions from fluctuating ocean currents now have a new tool to better manage those challenges. The Wilkens Weather Technologies (WWT) Ocean Current Guidance Forecast service provides site-specific awareness of currents to give operators a clear understanding of oceanic conditions.

“We designed this service for anyone engaged in smaller scale, budget-sensitive projects where ocean current awareness is necessary, but current solutions are often cost prohibitive,” said Ryan Fulton, program manager at WWT. “This new service provides a useful current forecast and, in conjunction with daily weather forecast reports, enables operators to understand trends in oceanic conditions that can impact their projects.”

The Ocean Current Guidance Forecast service uses global current modeling to provide insight into ocean current conditions and their expected changes over the next 120 hours. The service provides users with high-resolution, customized zoom level charts as well as a five-day site-specific forecast of current speed and direction.

To learn more about one of the world’s leading offshore and marine weather forecasting companies and available customized solutions, visit www.wilkensweather.com.

About Wilkens Weather Technologies

Wilkens Weather Technologies (WWT), a Rockwell Collins company, is a trusted leader in global, site-specific marine weather forecasting. For more than 35 years, WWT has provided accurate, timely and useful weather forecast information for energy and offshore operating companies.  By applying state-of-the-art technology and highly trained meteorologists, WWT advises clients of the elements, whether it is a tropical storm, an approaching squall line, high seas or turbulent winds.